CORMACO is the European butter and anhydrous milk fat specialist.

Our mission : to provide all the necessary know-how and technical assistance to dairies willing to become the milk fat specialist on their specific markets.

European countries have always had a great taste for butter. In many applications, though, butter was much more difficult to use than margarine. This was mainly due to the lack of regulation regarding the production of margarine (use of various kinds of oils, chemical processes such as hydrogenation authorised,...) versus the very strict regulations defining the way butter had to be produced.

We have been developing solutions to close this gap, focusing on physical processes to adapt butters to the agribusiness industry’s and the consumer market’s specific needs.

Created by Philippe CORMAN, also founder of the group CORMAN (world leader in the production of technological butters) CORMACO is now active as consultant on this specific niche.

The processes we propose to master are:

  • Texturation : use of scraped surface heat exchangers to produce extremely homogeneous butter made of thinner and more regular crystals and characterised by a perfect water dispersion. This process is perfect to suit the needs of the industry (i.e. specific hardness and homogeneity for the croissant industry, super spreadability and consistency for the sandwich industry) and the needs of the consumer market (i.e. perfect spreadability for the consumer butter, low-fat butter,…)
  • Butter concentration : production of anhydrous butter
  • Fractionation : production of high and low melting point milk fat fractions to get stable, low or high melting point butters
  • Standardisation : provide the same butter quality throughout the year
  • Deodorisation : process to recover butter with high FFA and peroxide value
  • Formulation of tailor-made products, such as low-fat butters / dairy spreads, sandwich butter, butter mix (milk fat + vegetable oil).

We can also put our strong network, famous name and excellent reputation at the service of our partners to represent them on specific markets and assist them in finding the necessary products or technologies they are willing to acquire.